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Applications that has to be kept updated all the times

Posted on by claudiane

Constant interruption of popup windows to update our computer with software does have become a common occurrence these days. Sometimes these popup windows become quite annoying and one just does not wish to see any popup window amidst some important work. But even after they may appear annoying, popup windows do appear for some good reason. Popup windows help to update us about the software that we use in our computers. These pop -up windows also appear to inform us about the most secure versions available on our computer.

There are three popular and most common applications that should be kept updated as much as possible. If all three are not used on your computer then update the one which is being used on the system. Here are the three of those common applications used by most of the computer users:

  1. Java:

Java is the most common application that has been installed by almost 3 billion users. Java is quite helpful at many levels which should be used carefully with the new patch. If the Java application is not of much use for the user then it is always recommended to uninstall it from the system. Java can be reinstalled again without any difficulty, if one finds any need to use Java on their system. People, who use Java on their system, must unplug Java form the web browser for safeguarding the computer from any kind of Malware.

  1. Adobe Flash Player:

Flash players are used quite extensively in the online world and are popularly installed on many computers. The extensive use of Flash players makes it an easy target for hackers and malwares.Upgrading the Adobe flash player is made simple in last couple of years. Browsers like Chrome and internet explorer automatically update this Flash which leaves the users free from any kind of worry about the software updating.But users who make use of other browsers like Firefox or opera or make use of older version of Internet explorer may need to update it at both the places.

  1. Adobe Reader:

The popular PDF viewer Adobe product is another well-liked application by most of the computer users. Adobe reader is also an easy target of hackers and malware just like adobe flash player and Java. In July 2008 the PDF format was officially released and the user dependability on adobe reader was decreased after that. After July 2008 there are many free and less security vulnerable options of adobe flash player are available in the market. The two very famous and admired adobe reader options are Foxit Reader and PDF.

Both Google Chrome and Firefox 19+ support direct viewing of PDF files in the browsers. That saves the users from getting a separate PDF viewer and its installation need for any computer. For the safety of the system one must make sure to get the latest patches installed.

All the users of these three applications must try to update these applications as and when the new patch is available for these. Other latest patches which are useful for the safety of operating system should also be installed at the computer for its safety and long term maintenance. Get these updates and safeguard your machine from any unwanted threat.